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On September 5, 2002, opened its virtual doors to corral the write-ups, recollections and reverie published across the Interwebs by me, Anne.

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 #1   Why is the projects index subtitled the rusty-nel directory? > In my first forays onto the Internet, I was quite the joiner, enthusiastically diving into an assortment of blogs, message boards, etc. Soon, I started rusted-crush as a signature site from which to access all of my on-line efforts. I have since assigned rusty-nel -- a mashup of my domains, and -- to refer to the network that includes their collected sites.

 #2   What does "rusted-crush" mean? > In my younger years, it seems I was in a constant state of "crush," blissfully preoccupied with daydreams of some guy who, in reality, barely acknowledged my existence. The name rusted-crush celebrates the happy day I realized that I'm no longer held back by those silly, unrequited feelings.

 #3   Did you remove or relocate ___ site/feature? > In light of minimal free time and evolving interests, I am reevaluating my web pursuits. If a previous project is no longer on the list, it was probably closed, or is a forthcoming closure.

 #4   Why do you call yourself an up-looker? > The lyrics for the song "Look Up, Child" by Lauren Daigle recount my own struggles, anxiously looking around (at my circumstances) wondering where God was -- until I took the Biblical guidance to look up to Jesus by faith. Did I suddenly have all the answers? Not hardly. I'm learning that uplooking is an ongoing process: circumstances weigh me down, I keep looking up, finding strength to press on... and my faith grows. #PraiseTheLord!

 #5   What makes your layout appear misaligned on my device? > I'm not sure. I tested this layout on a variety of computer monitors. Checking the appearance on other devices was not an option, although my latest designs include an attempt to adjust the layout for smaller screens. If that effort has failed miserably, please let me know.

 #6   Where is your list of credits? > Right here!

 #content credits  
> Some of the material posted here was received via mass email forwardings (or stumbled upon in my web-surfing binges) during the early years of this site, and so the originator is unknown. Sources have been acknowledged for the newer additions.
> As per our disclaimer, no copyright infringement of any kind is intended: our aim is to limit sharing of such material to within the guidelines of "Fair Use." If you feel that your work has not been properly credited, please let me know.
> No profit is being made. This collection is a labor of love. Before social media, we liked and shared content of interest on our websites, and I apologize if, in my enthusiasm, I overstepped my bounds.

 #other credits  
> This domain is hosted (along with my three others, all on one account) at HostPapa.
> A "free heart clipart" from a long-closed blog was edited in Microsoft Office Picture Manager and then dropped into to generate our heart favicon.
> CSS resources, fonts used and other design references can be found in the site layouts page for rusted-crush version 10 or for neloo dot com version 10.

 #7   Are those pictures of you in the banner? > Yes, several of them are. Descriptions of the banner photos are here.

 #8   My question isn't answered here. Where should I look next for information? > An A-to-Z list of topics is here. Or, see the next answer for ways to contact me with your query.

 #9   Are you interested in my comments about the site(s)? > Yes! In fact, for your commenting convenience I have provided multiple avenues for feedback. That is how interested I am in hearing from you!