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Since here you are, checking out the contact page, I wonder... "Have you got something to say?"

» Got questions? Information-seekers can save time by going directly to the frequently asked questions for commonly-sought details.

» Got site-related corrections? Be it a bad link or a misreported fact, clue me in and help build a more accurate Internet. ;)

» Got spam? Please, no "fabulous offers." I will ignore them because I'm all stocked up on everything I need. #ThankYouSoMuch

» Got... miscellaneous remarks? Perhaps an observation on our shared interests? Your response to my reviews, or to this website's appearance? An encouraging word? Such feedback and comments are welcomed!

Connecting with people is a main objective of this network, so -- please! -- choose one of the ways below and transmit your message to me!

 #P   POLL > Rate our features at the site poll, which also includes (convenient!) space for your comments.

 #R   REPLY > Reply to a post at one of my blogs: TV Toaster is for TV, movies, and more; RainShine has inspirational stories and such; or medley rising houses miscellaneous musings and an annual life update.

 #G   GUESTBOOK > Make your site-related comments public or private (seen only by me) in the guestbook.

 #E   EMAIL > Write to me online -- with rusted-crush in the subject line, so I'll know it isn't spam -- at

See the next section if you have contacted me and are waiting on a response.

Waiting on a Response?

When a site visitor takes the time to write to me, I generally acknowledge receipt. Note the following if you are looking for a response:

» Did you write to me a few hours ago? Sometimes my real-life responsibilities delay personal activities (such as website correspondence) for a week. Or two. Or three...

» Did you reply to a post at a blog, instead of writing? I usually respond to the message where I receive it. If you email, I email back. If you reply at a blog, I reply to the same post. And so forth.

» If you took the survey at the site poll, did you include your contact information, so that I could reply?

» Did you follow me at twitter or at one of my blogs? Thank you! I will check you out, and if I like what you have to say, I will follow you back.

Emailing is generally the most direct route to a response. However your transmission could be derailed...

» Did you include rusted-crush in the subject line? If not, I may have thought it was spam and deleted it unopened.

» Did you write to me at the address that is currently listed on this page? If not, the address may no longer work, so I never got your message.

» Did you use proper form for the address? That is, with the at symbol replacing ^, in the address above?

» Did you suggest something, such a website that I should link to? If the suggestion seems to be part of a professional marketing campaign, I probably will not respond to your solicition.

» Did you send a large attachment? Attachments from unexpected sources prompt me to cautious avoidance. Please supplement/introduce your submission with a separate note without attachments.

Thank You

I link to this contact information from several projects; thank you for visiting whichever website brought you here. I hope to be reading your feedback soon. :)