Essayist, Webmistress and "Up-looker"

 hello, world

Hello, hey there, and welcome! My name is Anne, and I've occupied this small-ish corner of the Internet for quite some time.

Favorites from TV shows to catchphrases to Christmas traditions to the plight of the waitress have moved me to craft articles -- and, on occasion, extensive websites.

As ever, connecting is the purpose behind these ventures, although recently so-called inspirational topics have become the focal theme. To say the least, upward thinking of the Biblical kind continues to bless me, and I want to pay it forward by being a voice of encouragement for others.

Through the years, writing for an Internet audience has offered pleasant distractions as well as learning experiences. Along the way I've been honored with mentions in certain fandoms, such as, ABC's official Alias page commended me for "insanely frequent" website updates. (Thanks, ABC... I think.)

Even more validating than that is when a site visitor replies after being inspired by something I've written.

Thank you for reading this introductory overview! Use the guide below to learn more about me and about this collection.

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> My autobiographical personal site starts with facts and stats, then adds commentary to fill in the gaps.

 #about me, webmistress edition  
> This fictional interview outlines my on-line history.

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> Are those pictures of you in the banner? What does "rusted-crush" mean? Where is your list of credits? What is an up-looker? Answers to these questions -- and more! -- can be found on the domain page.

> Be advised: thoughts are (repeatedly) expressed in the material collected here. I'm a real person with moods and opinions. And you are too, yes? But I strive to keep a respectful tone, so please reciprocate. For details, read about our intentions and practices.

> Articles, blogs, websites, etcetera that I have assembled and scattered across the 'Net

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