Where? rusted-crush.com

How long? Site opened September 5, 2002

Why? I call this my "collective" because it serves as a launchpad from which visitors are connected to all of my sites and to information about them.

What else? See below for even more site information.


A. Where are the other pages that were listed in the menu?
They're still in the same place. I just stream-lined the main menu a bit in the latest redesign.
» Dr. Love - romantic ideas, plus what not to do
» Help Desk - lessons learned
» Quotes - also known as, "Things I Wish I'd Said First"
» Web Tips - tips and tricks for fellow webmasters

B. Is that you in the picture in the banner?
No. (And no, I don't know who she is.)

C. Did you do all of this layout yourself?
Not hardly. The site's current layout is from a style sheet by Dave Shea with modifications by Matthew Mullenweg and One Fine Jay. I (Anne) found the style sheet as part of a free blog layout and modified it *heavily* for use here with the CSS/XHTML help of: HTMLDog, HTMLGoodies, the W3 tutorials, and the W3 Validator. The banner picture was found in this list of "refreshing rainy" wallpapers. The photo was widened and the text was added by me using Paint Shop Pro. The font used in the banner is Vladimir Script. Also, our current (404 and 403) error pages were based on one used at IMDb.com.

D. "What if Your blessings come through raindrops?" What's that mean? Did you make that up?
The words in the banner ("What if Your blessings come through raindrops?") are from the awesome song Blessings by Laura Story. They remind me of another lyric from years ago: "where the sun always shines, there's a desert below." To me, both lines reflect the truth that God uses everything in our lives - even the bad times - to teach us things so that we can grow; these growing times aren't always pleasant... but they *are* necessary.

E. Where do you get the content for this site?
Most of the website design tips are by me, as are the love tips except for the Romantic Ideas, some of the Celebrate Being Single tips, and most of "He Said... She Said... Someone Said..." For non-original material, I've tried to include sources when I know them. The pictures, quotes, lyrics, etc. are copyrighted to their respective owners; no copyright infringement of any kind is intended. This information is posted strictly for entertainment purposes. No profit is being made. If you feel I've failed to properly credit you, please let me know.

F. May I use your original info on my site/message board/whatever?
You may as long as you give me credit by providing a link to this site on whatever page my info is used. Thank you for respecting the time and effort that I put into this site.

G. May I use your graphics/layout on my site/webpage/whatever?
As noted above, the graphics and layout here are modified versions of someone else's work. However, if you use what I've done, be sure to include the paragraphs above with the layout and lyrics credit links intact. (Be sure to keep the link to my site, since this particular arrangement *is* my idea. And as always, DO NOT direct link to graphics.)

H. What website host do you use?
Lunarpages.com, because they let me host all four of domains on one account.

I. Where did you get that heart favicon?
I searched for "free heart clipart" on Bing and selected one that said "Angel" in it from a now-closed blog. I then edited it to grayscale and resized it in Microsoft Office Picture Manager and used HTMLkit.com to make it an icon.

J. Where can I view past rusted-crush layouts?
Right here.

  About The Sites  

K. Why the name "rusted-crush"?
Several reasons, among them is the way that I formerly had crushes on very many guys, but now I find that crushes are few and far between. You might say that those old crushes are "rusted." But that's a good thing. I think it shows strength that I'm not held back by those silly, unrequited feelings.

L. Why don't you update your sites more often?
Um, because I have a life? (No, really, I do!) I enjoy website work, but I don't spend all of my spare time doing it. Sometimes I read, talk to my family, watch a DVD, go for a walk, etc. But let the record show that I DO still update!

M. Have you ever closed a site? Did you know that _____ site isn't working?
As you might imagine, in over 20 years on-line, I have closed several sites. First was Angelesque, which was a smallish "clique." In December of 2010, I resigned from having the Bristows fanlisting, and I combined that site - Spy Factory - with Deep Cover. I also "down-sized" the Caritas fan website to a page of links. In October of 2017, I closed Angel's Secrets and Laugh Lines, Love Lines. Beyond those, I have no intention of closing any more sites any time soon, so if you find one off-line, it's probably just a temporary glitch with my host. Please check the site again. (And if you often find my sites off-line, please let me know.)

N. What's a fannesite? What does neloo mean?
For answers to questions about our sites, visit the site and review its "FAQ" or "About This Site" page.

  Short Answer/See Also  

a. What's your next website project?
Sometimes I post my plans here; see the end of the thread for the most current plans.

b. Is it difficult to run a website?
I've listed the challenges and the rewards in the section I like to call Interview with a Webmistress.

c. Will you host my site?
No, but you can help with mine, and I'll give you credit. See #7 on this page.

d. Would you "take over maintenance" of my site?
I would consider it, if it's a good site for something that interests me. Send me the details, and we'll talk.

e. Will you place my ad on your site? Are you interested in a link exchange?

f. Are you married? What do you look like?
See one of the sites in the Personal section for info about me.

g. My question isn't answered here. What should I do?
Let me know!


rusted-crush.com is a collection of websites. The Frequently Asked Questions above contain more information about us as well as grateful acknowledgment to the sources that have helped make these sites and this layout possible.