Hello, hey there, and welcome to rusted-crush.com, the central location from which visitors are connected to everything from blogs to fan websites. A wide range of content - quotes, pictures, episode guides, and so much more - is here just waiting to be discovered.

Some of the aforementioned content includes:

» Blogs - encouraging words, much ado about... stuff, reviews and more

» Dialogue - plus monologues, one-liners, and other quotes

» Fanfiction - Alias, MacGyver, and more

» Favorite Scenes - also known as "moments"

» Helpful Hints - love tips, website design pointers, and some basic lessons learned

» Lists - top tens, one top five, and 100+ Things

» Pictures - a gallery is worth 1000 words?

» TV Episode Guides - for Alias and MacGyver, with original episode descriptions and reviews

» Webmistress, The - my Internet "résumé" includes other places to find me on-line

Some of our more popular sites are devoted to specific fandoms:

» Quotations 101 - quotations, "lessons learned," favorite scenes and more

» alias.fannesite - a large Alias fansite

» Live and Learn - the MacGyver fansite and fanlisting

All twenty-something sites are listed on the websites page, along with detailed descriptions of the information and features you'll find at each one.

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